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Create Text Art with Wordle and Photoshop

Create a beautiful Text poster using Wordle and Photoshop

If you love text art and enjoy playing with text there is an extremely simple way to create text clouds. In Wordle you can paste any paragraph you like and create a text cloud, later we can export this like a PDF so we can work with it in Photoshop.


Lets get started

Images you will need:

Step 1 Create text Cloud

a) Go to wordle site:
b) Paste or write some text you want to work with and click on the go button

c) Wordle gives you a random view, lets customize it: first Change the font, for this example I’m using coolvetica

d) Change the Layout, for this example I’m using Half and half, but you can use mostly horizontal or vertical according to your design

e) Last change the color, I’m using Black and White

Step 2 Export the text Cloud


a) Select the print button
b) In the printing dialog save as a PDF


a) You need some extra software, Free PDF printer:, download and install
b) Now select the print bottom and in the printer dialog select the bullzip pdf printer in the printer name.


Step 3 Open the PDF in Illustrator

a) Open the PDF document in illustrator
b) Release the clipping mask: Object > Cliping Mask > Release

c) Now every Word is a separate object.

d) Divide your words and background in different layers, for this example I’m using three different layers

e) Export the pdf to Photoshop: File > export, make sure in options select write layers

Step 4 Edit the file in Photoshop

a) Open the new file in Photoshop; the layers will remain.
b) Open the texture file
c) Drag and drop to the text file, scale it

d) Set the blending mode for the texture to Hard Light at 67%

e) Now select the first text layer, set the blending mode to overlay, duplicate this layer and set again the blending mode to overlay but at 66%

f) Repeat with the second text layer, but set the blending mode to 36%


Step 5 Final textures

a) Create a new layer
b) Set the blending mode to overlay at 40%
c) Select a Black color and with a big soft brush paint some shadows in all the corners and certain areas in the center

d) Create a new layer, the blending mode at 33% and darken the corners a little more.

Ready, you can create a text art very easy with this technique.

Here you have a second example using the same layers.

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