7 websites with excellent free Graphic Design resources

5 great free Hand picked Graphic Design Resources for Backgrounds, Images, Vectors and Photoshop files.

Create a Cool Highlight portrait using levels

With this simple technique create amazing highlight portraits

Create a realistic rain effect

Photoshop tutorial for creating a convincing rain effect

Correct Skin Imperfections with a natural look

Great Photoshop tutorial to correct skin imperfections in a matter of minutes achieving a natural look.

Colorful light burst text effect

Create a great light burst text effect with this Photoshop Tutorial

Flaming ghost Car

Create a Flaming Car using blending modes in Photoshop


[tweetmeme]In photography, bokeh is the blur or the aesthetic quality of the blur in out-of-focus areas of an image.  In this photoshop tutorial we will learn how to create a raindrop like bokeh texture in very simple steps. › Continue reading

Posted: 10/28/10 By Javier Cantero Tutorials 14 Comments
thumb impresora

Source: Elevate Printing

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Tom Walker of Franking Machine Cartridges

[tweetmeme]You must consider several factors before purchasing a wide-format or large-format printer. You need to be printing the type of volume which justifies having a large-format printer on site. › Continue reading

Posted: 10/19/10 By TomW Freelance, Quick Tips 5 Comments

In this tutorial we will learn a powerful technique to create advanced masking; Calculations.

With this technique you will be able to mask even the most complicated images like the hair of a model. For this tutorial we will use an image with some complexities like the hair and the shape of the model face. › Continue reading

Posted: 10/12/10 By Javier Cantero Tutorials 19 Comments
Imagen 28

[tweetmeme]Halloween is coming; here you have a selection of 25 vector images, icons, brushes and free stock photos for your design projects. All of them are free to use. › Continue reading

Posted: 10/7/10 By Javier Cantero Freebies 9 Comments

There are a great number of skin correction tutorials using some kind of blur. Here is a great technique to correct skin imperfections in a matter of minutes using smart filters. I love this technique because the skin remains with some texture and the final result looks very natural. › Continue reading

Posted: 10/5/10 By Javier Cantero featured, Tutorials 10 Comments

[tweetmeme]When starting your freelance business, selecting the right place to work can be daunting and very expensive. Establishing your office at home can be a great starting point. Here we give you 12 tips for selecting the right place. › Continue reading

Posted: 10/1/10 By Javier Cantero Freelance 3 Comments

Source: Shermeee

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Tom Walker of Franking Machine Cartridges

[tweetmeme]Shopping for a new digital camera doesn’t seem to get any easier even after you have had one for a while. Technology and features change a lot so things you used to know about digital cameras may not even apply any more. Here you will find 10 tips for buying a digital camera that will help you choose the one that is best for you. › Continue reading

Posted: 09/27/10 By TomW Quick Tips 12 Comments

[tweetmeme]Do you wonder where all of your time goes? As freelancers, in addition to design, we are also the sales team, the support team, the copywriter and the accountant all in one person.

This may seem kind of overwhelming if you don’t have a good project management system. › Continue reading

Posted: 09/23/10 By Javier Cantero Freelance 15 Comments

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’re going to see how to create a light burst text effect with very simple techniques.

We are going learn how to use the blend if section of the layer style options. › Continue reading

Posted: 09/20/10 By Javier Cantero featured, Tutorials 56 Comments

[tweetmeme]Maps appear complicated to draw and there are different methods to do it, but with this technique they can be really simple to create.  You only have to be careful to create the layers for each step.

Creating your own maps is a great advantage because you can customize it according to your project and don’t have to worry of the copyrights. › Continue reading

Posted: 09/13/10 By Javier Cantero Tutorials 6 Comments
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