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principles of design

Principles of Design

In this section you will find different articles and tutorials that explains and illustrate many of the main principles of design.



Freelancing is hard, but very satisfactory. in this section we give you the tools for thriving in freelance world.



In this section you will find different articles and tutorials that explains and illustrate many of the main principles of design.



Design Inspiration

We all long for that muse that inspires us to design, we hope to help you with this articles.

Latest Articles

Golden Ratio in Design
Design Basics

Making a grid is the basis for any great design, is a way of organizing content on a page, using any combination of margins, and guides. There are different methods and proportions, the golden ratio it is probably the most famous and used in art; we will study it´s history

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Guia Inmobiliaria Vida y Estilo

To redesign, or not to redesign – that is the question. If you are thinking that your website might be needing a little help, learn why you should redesign it and what to focus on for the redesign. Why on earth would you want to go through the exhausting process

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efecto de explosion de luz en texto

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’re going to see how to create a Colorful light burst text effect with very simple techniques. We are going learn how to use the blend if section of the layer style options. Step 1 Create new document a) Create a new document with a Black background b) Type

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realistic rain effect photoshop

A few years back I created a Rain Tutorial: Ronin but I wasn’t convinced with the final result and wanted to create a better-looking effect. After some research and using: noise, motion blur, custom brushes and blending modes we can create a realistic rain effect and the final result is surprisingly easy to

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Watching an episode of MythBusters I wanted to recreate a large explosion that appeared in the show. After experimenting I found a really simple technique but the final effect is great. Before We Get Started For this tutorial you are going to need 4 cloud photos and your main image. Cloud

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Quick Tips

[tweetmeme]A super fast method to add a healthy tan or warmth to a persons face is using a hue saturation adjustment layer.  ( image > Adjustments > hue/saturation).

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